Dr. Mekbib Adgeh

Hebraist Bet Elohim

In the righton of USA 


January 25, 2007


To: National Committee Chairmen of Democratic, Republican parties of USA

Ref: Invitation to debate

Your representative democracy is a small version of slavery in which the legislation able public is not taking part, in which money buys elections, legislation. Also, it has also generated corruption, red tape bureaucracy as well as lesser accountability of public officials, proving your system is stale, inefficient and your justice system incriminates the public rather than serving justice to. It is not all, it legally deprives citizens from life, liberty and pursuit of happiness by granting state and federal supreme court judges the right to deny judgment to any number of citizens' complaints.  Plus, the capitalism of the existing political parties who are in power in America is a capitalism of the few. Worst of all, the domestic American industry is dying because you did not implement protective measures from third world businesses which beat the domestic industry in pricing due to the cheap labor cost they pay in their countries. Thus, many are unemployed, the government lacks the funds necessary for public spending. Accordingly, the trade deficit of United States Dec.1999 to Dec. 2009 is $ 5 trillion 889.3 billion dollars. The United States government saving is $ 10 trillion 286.8 billion in the negative. The number of companies which went out of business during the time is around 13 million, the unemployment rate has risen from 4.0 to 10.2 and those who get job these days are paid much less than what they were earning in the 1990s. Stock market made almost no money during the time. All of it is your wrong business, economic leadership. What I could say is that you have buried the country alive! Also, your so-called democratic elections are only democratic in name because a losing party with 49% of the votes which consists of more than 100 million people's plea, stand is not given a consideration. It is not all, the individual rights of citizens are being violated legally in America, because your system stands for a social tyranny in which the tyrant many take away the individual rights of the fewer by majority vote. To the contrary, you have disgraced America by granting right to organizations which commit crime against humanity, which deprive citizens from life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, such as Socialists, Communists, Neo-Nazis, Satanists to function in United States. Plus, your health care idea you generated, promoted and made into law proves you are dictators who coerced large segment of the public, infringing on the individual rights of citizens, but not Americans who stand for America, upholding its core values of freedom, justice, individualism, capitalism, Science &Technology, constitutionalism, refined religion. Citizens of the country who are the future leaders, builders of its economy are being punished for learning in Colleges, Universities by imposing on them interest on the loans they take for education. Plus, your existing taxing system levies high rate income tax from the wage earners, those earning below the middle class salary levels, while it levies lesser income rate from large corporations even those who have no tax shelters.  It is not all, your defense operation system and policy is poor which caused the defeat, demoralization of United States soldiers in Vietnam as well as Somalia. The tyrant regime of Iran is going to acquire nuclear bomb and threaten United States and its allies too, because you haven't taken appropriate action to curb it. 

But in my Hebraist Party (Red and white capitalist Americans party we uphold supreme Hebraist governance as our governing principle) in which the American public is empowered to take part in the legislation process and money doesn't buy elections, legislations. In addition, our system is free from the corruption, red tape bureaucracy, lesser accountability of your representative democracy system based political parties which proves our Hebraist party (R.A.W.C. A. P) is efficient. Our justice system doesn't incriminate the public instead makes them crime fighters because we have effective crime fighting policy. Our Heberaist party (R.A.W.C.P) leads the capitalism of the many and we have better economic policies good for the poor, the rich as well as the middle class. We provide interest free educational loans for those who don't qualify for free education, we provide food, shelter, clothing, transport, education and universal health care coverage for the poor, unemployed, affordable universal healthcare coverage for the working citizens they pay based on the income level of the individual, taken into consideration all the living expenses of the individual, dependent thereof etc... without imposing any tax burden on the rich or the working public. Also, our income tax system is just and we levy flat income tax rate from all working persons. We have good economic policies which will make businesses boom in America, thereby providing full employment for the citizens and generating adequate revenue for necessary public spending. It is our Hebraist party ( R.A.W.C.A.P) policy in which a losing party which has earned 30-49.9% of the votes gets the right for a specific percent of their bills to be accommodated in the bills of the winning party. Because, we provide better consideration of the votes of the public. Thus, while a party loses, it gains legislation based on the votes it earned. In addition, we have a better defense operation system and policy than any other political party and we stand for individual rights. So, there is no majority which infringes upon the individual rights of the citizens...etc.

Therefore, our R.W.C.A. party (Hebraist Party) is superior than any other political organization of representative democracy existing in the world, it is the party of the 21st century and beyond.  Accordingly, if you think you could defend your representative democracy, if you prove me other wise, I will be glad to debate you until March 30, 2007. But if you don't rebut you have admitted your defeat. Accordingly, the "chair men" or their offices hasn't debated me and proved me wrong. Thus, I have declared my victory over representative democracy, world political leaders as of May 8, 2007 ( 20 Iyar 5767 Hebrew Calendar). Please mind my victory over Republican, Democratic parties of USA is my victory over world political leaders because they are all representative democracy party members. 

Also, I have emailed them after one- three months from my day of victory, stating I have defeated them, in my debates against them so I want my white sheep /my Caucasian, Arab girls/my wives/ who had been affiliated to them, they didn't say any thing against me,  they didn't email me any thing at all. Then in December 2009 ( Kislev 5770 Hebrew calendar), Kislev 48 Hebraist Era when I emailed them stating I have defeated them in my debates 2005-7 so am taking my white sheep/my Caucasian, Arab girls/my wives/ who had been affiliated to them, to my Hebraist Bet Elohim, my Garden of Eden, to my residence in the Hebraist righton of United States, again for the third time they didn't say anything against me. I do consider it as they have admitted their defeat. Nevertheless, if you want you could call the noted world leaders in my debates and check with them. Accordingly, when you check about my debate against them and I have defeated them, if they don't admit their defeat but they give you various reasons such as I don't remember debating to Mekbib... they are trying to cover up their defeat. Thus, tell them I could re-debate them. And I want our debate to be video taped by PBS documentary video so it will be available to the world at and the world will learn the truth. It is my assurance that I am not into any publicity gimmick,  but telling the truth!

 I have cast out the "God/G-d" of the abominable practicers as noted in Exodus chapter 8 verse 19, mark chapter 16 verse 17, Acts chapter 19 verse 13-20 and treaded him under mine and My Pemstrojdew's feet as noted in Luke chapter 10 verse 17-18.

Hell is prepared for the devil, the followers of the devil ( the conspirator, abominable practicers as noted in Matthew chapter 25 verse 41, Revelation chapter 20 verse 10.

We have no accord with the devil, followers of the devil ( conspirators, abminable practicers) as noted in 2nd Corinthians chapter 6 verse 14-16

I have defied all the male figures, they are part of the hanged, beheaded, exterminated, executed.

There should exist no abominable practicer in mine and pemstrojdew's garden of Eden in our Hebraist Bet Elohim in the righton of USA as well as in our Eden in the righton of Europe, the state of Israel, Canadian, New Zealand, Australia as noted in Deuteronomy chapter 18 verse 10-14, fulfilled in Joshua chapter 21 verse 43-45. 

All good knowledge, innovation which exists in the universe is part of my original dollar.

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