Your religions are not what God/Yahweh/Yeshua/Elohim made and there is no evidence which proves your so-called God exists. As for our Hebraist God/Yahweh/Yeshua/Elohim, he has proved the world his existence by making wonders and miracles as noted in Exodus chapter 8 verse 18-19, Exodus chapter 12 verse 1-37 , chapter 14 verse 1-31, chapter 19-20.... Also, I Dr. Mekbib Adgeh the High Priest of Hebraist Bet Elohim have made many miracles  and experienced many miracles as noted in Mark chapter 16 verse 17-19, Luke chapter 10 verse 17-19, Acts chapter 2-26 because our Hebraist God has anointed me by his holy spirit to make these miracles. Thus, I have concrete evidence our Hebraist God/Yahweh/Yeshua/Elohim/the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Hebrews, the God of Israel exists. To see the miracles I made, click on the link below I have placed for you.

 MY HEBRAIST MIRACLES SIGN OF BELIEVERS ACTS If the hyperlink doesn't display it, after clicking on Hebraist Bet Elohim, then click on my Hebraist miracles, sign of believers, acts and see my evidence. 

You may say you make miracles too. But it is not by the spirit of God, instead by abominable practices such as divination, necromancy, augury, omen, Satanic mediumship, sorcery, witchcraft, charming, enchantment, spell, hex, voodoo, Santaria, conjuror, incantation  etc... and such abominable practices are satanic practices prohibited by our God in Deuteronomy chapter 18 verse 9-14, Exodus chapter 22 verse 18 which says thou shall not suffer the Satanist to live. Therefore, it is not anything which couldn't prove your God exists, because it is made by the power of Demonic spirits

Zechariah chapter 12 verse 4 says God has endowed human beings by a human spirit( psyche) by which we could make things which empowers us to greater capability, health... and are not crime, Satanic or sinful. For example, Paul in 2nd Corinthians chapter 12 verse 1-4 talks a good report about out of body travel, which is okay with Hebraism. Thus, we do consider such psychic abilities as part of our Hebraism. Also, we could talk to angels but not the devil which disguises as angel, to God/Yahweh/Yeshua/Elohim and any knowledge which the angels, God reveals for us, we could learn and teach Hebraists. Aside from it, any form of spirituality , religion is not welcomed because God has prohibited them in Deuteronomy chapter 18 verse 9-14....

If it is believing in a so-called God which you have not verified it exists, you are wrong, wasting your time, money and energy in vain. Many people have believed in such so-called Gods which after many years through are proved non existent. For example, the Indians in Sioux, South Dakota had believed their "greater spirit" which is their God will raise the dead Indians and their Ghost dance T-shirt will protect them from bullets of United States army, so, Indians will take United States by force. Accordingly, with such belief, they declared war against the United States army. But all of them died by United States army bullets, the dead Indians didn't also rise. Thus, at last, it was proved they have believed wrong.

In the bible, there were people who believed in a "God" called Baal... and they were in power. So, they were persecuting Hebraists who are believers of the real God/Yahweh/Yeshua/Elohim. Then, the Hebraist Prophet Elijah said to them, You make animal sacrifice to your God but don't put fire on it, call the name of your God and let your Baal send fire from heaven and burn the sacrifice. Elijah said then, he too will sacrifice animal for Yahweh/Yeshua/Elohim but he will not put fire on the sacrifice, but he will call his God to send fire and burn the sacrifice. Accordingly, Elijah said let the God which sends fire and burns the sacrifice be the God Israelis worship. Thus, the Israelis said it is okay. Then, the "prophets" of "Baal" sacrifices and started calling their Baal, conjuring, incanting but no answer, nothing happened. Then, Elijah sacrifices and called our God/Yahweh/Yeshua/Elohim and God sent fire from heaven and burned the sacrifice. At the time, the public believed in the God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and Baal's 450 so-called prophets were executed by Elijah. Then, their government was over thrown and Hebraists took power in Israel and eliminated worship of Baal... as noted in 1st Kings chapter 18-19, 2nd kings chapter 9-10.  

Accordingly, I have presented my fire of Elijah which is my Hebraist miracles, sign of believers, acts and I want you to prove me where your God/Gods/ have proved him/herself/their selves/ by making wonders and miracles, where your God/Gods have provided you authority over demonic spirits as well as the authority to make miracles by his/their holy spirit/spirits (not by the power of demonic spirits). I want to see where in your religious book it is written so. Thus, I have provided you 30 days to rebut and prove me your God/Gods exist. But if you don't rebut and prove me your God/Gods exist, it means you have admitted your defeat and your so-called God/Gods don't exist. Therefore, until you prove me your God/Gods exist, I have taken all the Caucasian, Arab,...whiteskin girls which had been affiliated to your religious organizations as wife to me. Accordingly, the time have passed and no person rebutted and proved me wrong. But the blacks based " National Spiritualist Association of Churches" leader denied twice their organization's abominable practice and attempted to disguise as a Christian. However, I quotted what is noted about them in encyclopedia wikipedia and proved their so-called God is not Jesus, God the father, the son the spirit but "infinite intellegence", also they practice abominable practices such as necromancy,mediumship , soothsaying... which the real Christians don't. Thus with a lot of embarrassment their "leader" admitted their defeat. Also, non of the other noted world leaders rebutted and proved me wrong. Thus, all of the noted world religious leaders admitted their defeat! 

I have cast out the "God" of abominable practicers and sent it to hell as noted in Luke chapter 10 verse 17-19, Mark chapter 16 verse 17-19, Exodus chapter 8 verse 18-19, Acts chapter 19 verse 13-19.

I have defied all male figures because they are communist, anti-Israeli, satanic conspirators. Then, hanged, beheaded, exterminated, executed the communist, anti-Israeli, satanic conspirators comprised of male figures, ladies, non white ethnics as noted in Exodus chapter 22 verse 18 ( our Hebraist Bible) and I have sent their souls to hell where they belong, in which their "God" the devil will be tormented by eternal fire with them as noted in Matthew chapter 25 verse 41, Revelation chapter 20 verse 10, Psalm chapter  9 verse 17. 

White girls (Caucasian, Arab girls who were atheists or had very little knowledge about G-d/Yahweh/Yeshua/Jesus/Elohim before you studied any of my Hebraist lessons), Whiteskin girls (Caucasian, Middle Eastern girls who were affiliated to Christianity, Judaism, Messianic Judaism, Islam... before you studied any of my Hebraist lessons), you are you are now Hebraist. Accordingly, it is necessary you grow in Hebraism and become Hebraist minister, political, business,  science and technology leader... Also, God has established the Hebraist administration in which you should be raised as member of our Hebraist Bet Elohim. Therefore, it is necessary you register at in which membership is free.  In addition, there are five benefits you could get for joining Hebraist Bet Elohim. Therefore, register yourself at Hebraist white girls' self registration page.  Please also visit Mekbib&PemstrojdewAdgehs' Marriage in which I am married to you ( my Hebraist white girls). You could also visit our Hebraist congregation and learn our creeds.


Dr. Mekbib Adgeh

Hebraist Bet Elohim Founder, High Priest

The proud red skin Israeli American man

The greatest world leader, the Hebrew