1. In Socialism/Communism, there is no freedom of speech, writing, religion and right for peaceful association. Instead, the public is ruled by torture, repression, murder.

2. Being wealthy is prohibited, so the public is forced to live poor in terms of wealth making and achieving good standard of living.

3. The socialists principle of " from every person according to the ability, to every person according to the need" in which they propagate they could provide the basic necessities of every person without every person working for it, is unpractical it has proved utopia only. Because, the world has limited resources and the public's demand for necessities is beyond the ability of socialists, to provide it.

4. Socialism/communism outlaws competition, profit, private ownership of property which are necessary means for creating a healthy economic system as well as foster innovation, creativity ( entrepreneurship ). Thus, socialist/communist economy is inefficient as well as poor.

Thus, Socialism/Communism deprives the public from life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. So, it is a wrong philosophy of governance. Nevertheless, our hebraist party is superior than any political party existing in the world and we are Hebraists (Hebraist capitalists).